Thursday, August 28, 2008

Always a Jackass!!

I am a lifelong Democrat. It always was, with both my parent’s families staunch Democrats, especially since the Kennedy name became so widely known in the early 60’s when I was a wee lad. So much was made of John F. in my house as a child, I remember plates with both Kennedy brothers being proudly displayed in my Irish (mother’s) mother’s home, those good Irish-Catholic boys, destined for sainthood in that home, once they were martyred. And in my Grandparents home, those two died for all our sins, so aligned were they with the Lord Jesus and all that was good, Irish, and American. Their murders were daggers into the hearts of Irish, and Catholics, especially JFK’s. I recall the nuns crying that November 22nd when it was announced to the world, I remember seeing nuns crying, sobbing, a sight simply incredible as I never knew they could cry, or do much more than teach and discipline us. I was 7 years old, and just about that weekend to find out that I was very allergic to poison ivy, especially when rubbed all over my body as I’d done on a dare. I could barely see through my swollen eyelids as Oswald died from a gunman on live TV, me at home from church because of the poison ivy idiocy. That was the beginning of TV ruling our lives, as we watched the funeral events together, one mourning nation, one grieving mass all seeing that salute from little John-John and sobbing as one at the incredible loss.
I grew to work for RFK, and then HHH, and then I just voted for the Democrats, whoever they were, until I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000, feeling neither other candidates cared about me, both parties sold to highest bidders, but still I am a Democrat to the core. I think that so called “Liberals” are more compassionate towards the poor and disenfranchised. Sure, hard work and diligent effort is required to succeed, as it always was, but a prosperous people must care for the less fortunate, even if some cheat the system, even if some fall into the cracks. We must care for our fellow people, and this earth that we inhabit, and I have found that Democrats at their core, despite their own recent greed and selfishness in selling themselves to corruptive forces, are committed to helping the poor and raising the most people up. So I am with them. A Democrat. And still proud of it!


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