Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doing lists...

The man who wrote the book “100 things to do before you Die” died Aug. 17 from head injuries caused by a fall in his home, a young man of 47 years who had the wisdom and the presence to understand that this moment is all there is, so live it fully and with purpose. "He didn't have enough days, but he lived them like he should have," a friend said. He was able to see or travel to about half of the places on his list, his friends and family said. The photo of him showed a happy smiling man eager to embrace life.
At age 52 I have to say that I’ve done a lot of my list, at least the one with personal goals met or situations encountered. Like I’ve been on TV, or hosted a radio show. But I’ve also fathered and helped raise 3 now adult children, all college graduates and thriving in health and life. That is something to have on a list of things to do in life, so I add that to climbing to the torch of Miss Liberty.
There is a certain reflective propensity that comes with aging, not that I’ve ever been accused of being shallow. But as the years have turned to 50’s in particular, and my hair is more gray than brunette, the changes become more apparent, and events that were so real just yesterday are suddenly 40 years ago like the summer of 1968 when RFK and MLK were killed. Just yesterday, but over 40 years ago. Wow. See? Reflective moment, as the 40 years perspective and wisdom and experiences subsequent to that long ago summer kick in and I am flooded with thoughts, feelings, but eventually acceptance. Because that’s what I’ve taken to most after all these years breathing, that accepting life is going to flow with me or without me, and I am blessed to add my color, my tone to this never ending weave, given today, right now, only that real.
Given that view, I guess I’ve done a million things on my list, and will do one more now by saving this and posting it. Write a blog. Done.


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