Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here comes the Fall...

Weird title, almost predicting the defeat of the current policy makers in the US government for letting this country go so far so wrong. Greed has just about lost it's grip on power, people are beginning to be uncomfortable with bullies and liars and cheats representing our best interests. Even the press is remembering their job is to dig, not shovel. Big difference!

But no, I am referring to the Autumnal season change so apparent in the weather offerings of late. I just came off of Cape Cod after a relaxing week vacationing in Wellfleet. Lots of sunshine, and some late August warmth to make the beach a very happening place. Happened on it as often as possible, and loved every moment there. Surf and sun and sand is an amazing tonic, and I inhaled liberally.

I have not written for quite a while, and can't explain how I happened to stop nor begin again. I guess this is just a feel thing, when the mood hits, especially as I am neither disciplined nor a good typist. So I was reading another blog, wanted to comment, had to sign in, fortunately remembered the login info, and thought, "heck, I'm here, might as well blather a bit.". So here you have it, my blather, completely unrehearsed or scripted. Pure Blather. Mmmmmm

Love to all, and remember, say it with me, "I Am Enough!"



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